This network has been developed as part of the Royal College of General Practitioners General Practice At Scale programme, led by our Clinical Lead Dr Mike Holmes. If you have any questions about the programme please get in touch with the team at GPatScale@rcgp.org.uk.

The General Practice At Scale Online Learning Network seeks to provide information and support around general practice working at scale. We hope that you will find on here useful resources and case studies as well as opportunities to share learning from your experiences and make useful links with other at scale organisations. Whether you have been working at scale for a while or just want to find out more, this network can support you in your journey and connect you to colleagues across the country who are working in innovative ways.



The aim of the General Practice At Scale programme is to obtain a better understanding of the formation of networks of practices and to support practices in scaling up into larger general practice organisations.

Federations, in the context of this project, is the term used to describe two or more general practice organisations that formally or informally work collaboratively and share responsibility for a range of functions, which may include – developing, providing or commissioning services, training and education, back office functions, safety and clinical governance procedures.

There are a number of different models of at scale general practice including federations, networks, multi-speciality community providers (MCPs), primary and acute care settings (PACs), joint ventures, super practices, and multi-site practices.

Share your experiences of general practice working at scale

We are interested in hearing about your experiences of general practice at scale. If you would like to contribute case studies or suggest resources for the network please complete the form below and return it to the team at: GPatScale@rcgp.org.uk.