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Routine GP services, seven days a week, only wanted by small proportion of patients, says RCGP
She said: "It's saddening to hear that so many patients are not satisfied with the services they are now getting from the NHS, particularly as we know how much our patients love the health service, and historically satisfaction rates have been much higher.
"Specifically in general practice, GPs are consistently ranked amongst the most trusted healthcare professionals in the NHS; according to the latest GP Patient Survey over 90% had trust and confidence in the last GP they saw. But we also know that despite our best efforts patients are waiting longer and longer for appointments – and that this is frustrating for GPs and our teams, as well as patients. 
"Workload in general practice has risen 16% over the last seven years according to recent research, but over the same period resources for our service have declined, and our workforce has not risen in step with patient demand.
"What's more, general practice makes the vast majority of patient contact in the NHS, for a small percentage of the overall budget. GPs and our teams keep the rest of the NHS afloat, so when we are under pressure and can't cope this reverberates right across the health service.
"We urgently need NHS England's GP Forward View, including promises for £2.4bn extra a year for general practice, 5,000 more GPs and 5,000 more practice team members, to be delivered in full as a priority, so that we can deliver the care our patients need and deserve - and alleviate pressures right across the health service."


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