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RCGP / NHS Collaborate Supporting the Development of Local Networks for At Scale Organisations

From the activities of the past year, the RCGP has seen strong evidence for the need for local support structures for at scale organisations. There was a clear message that organisational maturity is a critical success factor when working at scale and that building trust and developing relationships are key enablers for achieving maturity. Consequently, we believe there is a need to grow and support local networks for GPs and health professionals working at scale. These networks will generate personal connections providing peer support, guidance and a conduit to problem solve issues for the local and wider at scale community.

In order to respond to this need, the RCGP is working with NHS Collaborate to pilot the formation of 3 local networks for at scale leaders during the period January to March 2018.

The RCGP will stimulate the creation of the networks as part of its GP at Scale Programme in partnership with NHS Collaborate. The networks will launch with a local event facilitated by NHS Collaborate using tested methodology to develop strong personal connections between the individuals involved as a precursor to understanding the challenges faced by the local healthcare providers. Training in respect of specific techniques such a Generative Listening will be offered and subsequently use to problem solve issues. This type of support is key for organisations and GPs who are trying to navigate and determine how best to work at scale. Local champions and network members would have the opportunity to learn from each other and from other networks as well as the opportunity to discover and test new approaches to working at scale in their local context.

The first training session for the pilot will be held on the afternoon of January 31st 2018 and will be followed by network meetings in February and March. If you are interested in becoming a network champion for your area, either for the pilot or in the future, please get in touch at


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